Monday, August 6, 2012

Have we been busy

Hey Everyone,
Man have we been busy!
We are so happy with what God is doing in our lives, but man does the time fly.
It seems like our kittens are getting us up each morning about 6:00 am.  Ginger and I have breakfast and devotions together, then we hit the ground running.
Between unpacking and setting up house, my wife has not only decorated the house, but created a wonderful homey feeling here in Marietta.  Our front porch is beautiful and inviting.  Our home is comfortable and soothing.  I have the best help mate a guy could ask for.
Our start date was Aug 1st.  We got here a few days early and jumped right in.  I was able to be part of the praise and worship team for the last 2 sundays.  I was the drummer.  Last sunday they even let me use the drum sticks!!!  No more air drumming for this want to be rocker!!!
I have had one mini lesson with some of the kids last Wed. evening and will have another lesson with a "helpful" activity for them this Wed.
Our official youth group kick off will be Sunday night.  I hope these kids are as excited as I am. Our theme is Angry Birds...we are talking about anger and what God wants us to do with that emotion.
We do miss our Bowling Green family and friends.  Not to mention my dear men's fellowship on Wednesday afternoon...Oh how I miss the HOT soup and great time of fellowship in the Word.
We ask for your prayers for strength and encouragement.  God has been so good to Ginger and I.
I could write a book about each step I can see where God has moved to get us here.  But for now, God, I praise You for all of it.